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Support survivors of sex trafficking with healing, therapy, education, and a joy-filled, independent future!

Our Impact

Dahlia’s Hope focuses on treating survivors of sex trafficking. Our aftercare program is designed to meet the unique needs of these survivors with a holistic approach.

Dahlia’s Hope is the first operational program in Utah that focuses solely on survivor aftercare. Historically, survivors had to piece together services from multiple providers in order to meet all of their unique aftercare needs. The piecing together of services and re-telling of their story is difficult and can be re-traumatizing. Most survivors do not have the ability or knowledge of  where to go for help, and/or cannot afford the help that they need to recover and heal from their extensive trauma. All of the services offered by Dahlia’s Hope are provided at the outpatient level, and are completely free of charge for survivors, so that they may focus solely on their healing.

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Together We Run, Together We Fight

Join Our 5K Against Sex Trafficking

Date: June 1st, 2024

Location: Art Dye Park
1000 N 550 E St, American Fork, Utah 84003

Time: Registration 7:25AM / Runners Start 8AM

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Thank You to Our Sponsors

Dr. Ryan Averett and his team are the lead sponsor for the Dahlia’s Hope 5k Run this year! They have helped to support the Dahlia’s Hope Mission for the last three years, and are excited to help them raise necessary funds this year to advance the wonderful work they are doing to help so many lives in our community and abroad. This year, Dr. Averett and his Foundation will match the donations made by all of you by participating in the 5k Race. 

Be the Difference

Our Volunteers Are the Foundation of Hope

In 2023, Dahlia‘s Hope served a total of 26 survivors in our program. In 2024, we are on track to more than double the number of survivors served annually!

Survivors at Dahlia's Hope Benefited From:

Dahlia's Hope

Our Story

Inspired by the story of a now local survivor named Faith, who was trafficked at the age of 13  and escaped just before turning 18, Dahlia’s Hope seeks to provide the very services that Faith says she needed to recover from her abuse and transition into a new life: “Above all else, I  needed hope,” she says, “and that hope can come through something as simple as a safe place  to sleep and clean clothes, to life skills training, to the more crucial services of medical attention and clinical therapy. Every person is different, so needs vary greatly, but the one thing that is common among survivors is the need for safety, hope, and healthy connections.” 

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Our Mission

Provide multi-faceted, trauma-informed aftercare services to survivors of sex trafficking by licensed and experienced therapists. Our commitment is to meet each survivor where they are in their stage of recovery and help them build and maintain a successful and independent life with hope for the future.

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Our Vision

A future where every survivor of sex trafficking has access to all the resources necessary to recover from their trauma and build and maintain a successful and independent life with hope for the future.

Our Numbers Speak Volumes

At Dahlia’s Hope, we constantly strive to enhance the offerings of our clinical programming to include the most effective, holistic treatments for complex trauma. Our therapists continually train and certify in the newest complex trauma modalities, to offer the best clinical therapy to survivors in treatment. 

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Turn Miles into Hope

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